Easy to use

Easy to include in any project, easy to read reports.

Open source

We use MIT License. You are welcome to contribute.

Real-time report

You don't need to wait for all tests to finish. Explore results now!


You can take screenshot at any time you want. Useful for UI tests.


You can specify different settings to meet requirements of your project.

Very fast

We use JSON.net - the fastest .NET JSON Serializer

Perfect style

We use GitHub Primer and Octicons to make the report nice and clean


No server required, you can view report in any browser without running the server.

Data comparer

You can visualize test data and display it in the report.

Test history

Track the history of your test to know it's duration and to see when an error appeared

Test runs history

The history of test runs will help you to easily understand growth of you tests

Hierarchical test list

Easy to understand which subsystem has test failures

Report details

Report main page

Report main page shows overall test runs summary and information about the latest run. You can see number of tests sorted by their result: passed, failed, broken, ignored, inconclusive or unknown. You can also go to "Runs list" tab and open tests run page.

Run page

Run page contains detailed information about one test run. "Main statistics" tab shows start and finish datetime, and short summaary about executed tests. Donut chart shows percentage of each test result categories. "Test list" tab displays all executed tests during current test run. You can choose any test and view detailed information.

Test result page

This page shows detailed information about current test. "Test history" tab contains history of all test runs. The chart shows test runs duration, each dot color corresponds to test run result, so you can easily find out when your test became broken. "Test output" tab shows current test log.

Packages diagram

Packages diagram

Tools we use

PlotlyJs Logo


The open source javascript graphing library that powers plotly

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Primer Logo


The CSS toolkit and guidelines that power GitHub

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Newtonsoft.Json Logo


Popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET

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Octicons Logo

GitHub Octicons

A scalable set of icons handcrafted with <3 by GitHub

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